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Hello and welcome to my site! I'm Coach Erin, Life Coach and creator of Life
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Questions to Consider?

  • Do you feel stuck in your current job just going through the motions?Do you desire a better life balance but need support in removing obstacles or
  • Are you a busy mom juggling the demands of motherhood and working?
  • Are you looking for help in developing a job search plan?
  • Does your career align with your life as a whole?
  • Are you a stay at home mom returning to the workforce?
  • Are you contemplating furthering your education?
  • Does your life and career intertwine so much that you feel "YOU ARE YOUR


As a life and career coach I work with people on their careers and personal lives.
Although many of my clients initially seek my services for a specific career issue we
hardly ever work on that ONE specific issue alone. What I have learned over the years
through my experience and training is that you cannot address career issues without
looking at other areas of your life. So much of our personal and professional lives
overlap that it's almost impossible to separate the two. I focus on the WHOLE person
to ensure we create the most satisfying fulfilling life you deserve!

As your coach, I will take you on a journey of self-discovery with a focus on both
your career and personal life. I will help you connect all the pieces to create a balanced
flowing life.

Many of my clients are at a point where they want more or feel something is missing
from their lives. Their career is no longer satisfying, they are looking for a change, or
they are learning how to balance family and career. Some people change career
directions, others stay where they are at but alter their circumstances and many
pursue other life interests to help live their BEST life.


If you answered yes to any of the above questions or feel these questions resonate with
you then you have much in common with many of my clients. Whether you are looking
for more satisfaction in your life, to enhance an already successful life, or for a complete
lifestyle or career change then as your coach I will help you gain clarity and set personal
and professional goals to take the necessary steps to achieve these goals.

Many of my clients choose to take advantage of either Life Coaching services,
Career/Personality Assessment services or a combination of both. Whatever path you
decide to take, Life Coaching Designs provides the necessary tools and expertise to help
you discover the right direction.

Please feel free to take advantage of a free life coaching session to find out if Life
Coaching is for you!




“When I decided to seek out a life coach to support me in my decision to open a small
business, I am so thankful I found Coach Erin.  Not only has she provided me with
helpful guidance, clarity, and honest feedback; she has provided me with the tools to
get mentally organized and to identify my core values in life.  Now I have the
confidence and drive I need to start my own business.  These factors are key to
taking this exciting step in my life while maintaining a solid balance between work and
family.  You have changed my life Coach Erin and I thank you.”

“When I began to feel that I had come to a crossroads in my career, my coach, Erin
referred me to the MBTI career assessment.  The interpretive results were extremely
insightful and eye-opening.  Not only did the descriptive type fit my personality
perfectly, it also helped to recognize my strengths and weaknesses.  I learned so much
about myself and as I went over the results with Coach Erin, I found myself nodding
in agreement. Erin provided clarity to any confusion through great analogies and in-
depth explanations.  It is amazing how it all made sense and how it affects my
decision-making in all aspects of my life.  This testing tool has helped me realize that I
need to be more conscious of my decision-making and how to do that based on my
values.”   -N.K.

"Before I began working with my life coach, Erin, I felt as if my life was happening
around me and I was standing still as a passive observer.  I wanted to change the path
I was on but I wasn’t sure what I wanted or how to get there.  Erin helped me get to
work right away on identifying my values concretely and setting short term goals in
order to achieve my long-term life and career plans.  She has helped me every step of
the way.  I have realized that the changes I wanted were within my reach, I just
needed the tools to help me get there.  Her coaching sessions have helped me become
more confident, motivated, and dedicated in the journey I am now taking to have the
career and life I always wanted."

-KG, Indiana