About Me


I am passionate about helping my clients grow and improve as individuals and taking them to the
next level. I truly believe it is imperative that we live our best lives and understand the magnitude
of our potential and the effect it can have on designing our lives.

I have come to a point in my life where I feel I have achieved a certain level of personal and
professional success which has inspired me to create Life Coaching Designs.  As a result of
growing up in a military family, several business opportunities, and traveling the world, I have
moved around numerous times in my life. My exposure to a number of diverse settings and a
wide range of people has given me the opportunity to view situations through different lenses and
observe the power people have to change their circumstances.

To help live my best life, I made the necessary changes to design the life I wanted. I have over
twelve years experience working with individuals in career and personal transitions. From this
experience my management and counseling strategies have helped people understand themselves
better resulting in improved performance and overall better lives. I always knew I wanted to
continue helping people build the lives they desired, but I also realized I wanted to do this on
their terms. Creating Life Coaching Designs has given me the freedom to not only design the life
I envisioned for myself, but most importantly, allow my clients to craft the lives THEY desire.
Whether it has been through new or improved career paths or personal enhancement my clients
have successfully transformed their lives!

I am a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and possess two master’s degrees: M.A. in
Organizational Management and a M.S. Ed in Counseling. My professional background includes
management, career and personal counseling.

When working as a manager I motivated employees to produce at their highest potential
by overcoming challenges/obstacles and designing performance plans to reach their
professional goals. I supported helping them understand themselves better and coached
many individuals to take proactive steps to improve the quality of their lives.


In my work as a counselor, I used solution-focused strategies to bring about change and
successful outcomes. Through skilled questioning, thoughtful reflection, well defined
goals and meaningful action many of my clients were highly successful in exceeding their
goals and living more fulfilled lives.


When working with my clients through career transitions we identified career strengths
and weaknesses using various tools and assessments which resulted in more satisfying
career paths. Many of my clients experienced dissatisfaction due to unfulfilling career
paths and/or the lack of performance results, but with the power of coaching and/or
counseling my clients gained clarity and made the changes that positively impacted their
professional lives!

My expertise in management, personal and career counseling, and employee development/training
all contribute to my career as a life coach.  Together we can help discover what you really want
in your life and design the right plan to achieve your goals!